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"Il Filo d'Erba" Altaura e Monte Ceva - Padova - Veneto - Italia
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The buyer may purchase the whole animal or part of it. The average size of the animal alive is 170,00kg to 220,00kg.

They are fed with a diet high in protein. The peas, barley, corn, and green grass come from our own harvest. The certified organic bran is acquired at Mulino Zapparoli (Sermide, Mantova). The animals are kept in semi-wild state.

1) Live PORK

2) Slaughtered PORK as follows:

Alleged yield of the pork: 70% (taking into account live average weight: the usable meat will be 170,00kg to 107,00kg.) Recommended portions: Fresh Salami, Cotechini, cased fresh bacon, fresh ossocollo meat, steak/ roast, fillet, ground meat, marrowbone (Ossobuco), stew meat, ribs, Soppressa (type of salami). On request, we can make different cuts and curing processes. Any special requests will be prepared on agreement of a different price.

3) Slaughtered PORK in 4 to 6 portions, each one will have an equal amount of chops and steaks, filets, ribs and ground meat.

Average Pork divided into 4 parts: 25kg each portion

Average Pork divided into 6 parts: 15kg each portion

SPECIAL NOTE: The final cost will be calculated according to the final cost of the acquired product.

The WHOLE order should be picked up within THREE days of being brought from the slaughter house.

Those interested in acquiring our products may contact us via E-mail: dfmaria@libero.it or telephone (refer to contact information).

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