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Maria Dalla Francesca

Curriculum vitae

Maria Dalla FrancescaSchooling
Middle School
1966 to 1971 – Classical Maturity achieved by 54 points from a possible 60 at Liceo Tito Livio, Padua
University Studies
1971 to 1976 – Degree in Physics and Nuclear Application Guidance achieved by 110 points from a possible 110 at the University of Padua.
Thesis under the direction of Dr. V.R. Manfredi. Title: the Method of Spectral Power Distributions in the Space of Phonons
1987 – Diploma from the School of Advance Studies in Physics achieved by 60 points from a possible 60 at the University of Padua.
Thesis under the direction of Profe. I. Gallimberti. Title: Mathematical Models of Electrical Discharges in gases

- P.F. Bortignon, M. dalla Francesca V.R. Manfredi, the Spectral Distribution Method in the space of M-Bosons Bulletin SIF 109,86(1976)
- P.F. Bortignon, M. dalla Francesca V.R. Manfredi, the Spectral Distribution Method in the space of M-Bosons. Letter to the Ordeal Nuoco 19.19(1977)

Work Experience

  • Maria Dalla FrancescaAcademic years 1976 to 1978-teaching Mathematical Sciences, Chemical, Physical, and Natural Sciences for the Computing and Middle Schools, Padua University
  • Academic years 1977 to 1979-complementary excersizes to the teaching of Physics with the Faculty of Engineering, Padua University
  • Academic years 1978 to 1999-electrothermic teaching with ITIS G, Padova
  • 1980 to 1988-commissioned by SCrl Informatica to research and development of external insulator HVDC contamination on behalf of CESI, Milan
  • 1999 to present-Agricultural Businesswoman Registration at the Padua Chamber of Commerce
  • 2000 to present-Owner/Operator of Agritourismo and ‘Educational Farm School’

Continued Experience

  • 1979-Part-time to Department of Radiation Oncology and Biology, Padua
  • 1979-Scholarship to Weismann Physics-Chemistry Institute, Israel
  • 1999-Teacher for the Villa Mira Operators Training Workshop (VE)
  • 2007/2010-Host to Conferences on Biodiversity (PD)
  • 2011-Teacher for the University of Padua, Dept. of Geography, Educational Program
  • 2011/2012-Participation with ‘Sensory Garden’ Project, Lebanon
  • 2012-Field work with Prospect and Central Talita Kum, Catania


  • 5 year English Language Study and completion of English Language Examination
  • 2 years Private English Lessons
  • 2 years French Language Study
  • Completion of Russian Language Examination
  • Personal Study of Modern Greek

Additional Certifications

  • INFIN Competition for Sustainability
  • 1978-Technical Radiosotopiche Course at Polytechnic Nuclear Engineering Institute, Milan
  • 1980-Registered ‘Qualified Expert’ regarding Protection from Ionizing Radiation
  • 1983-Qualifed Teacher of High School Level Electrical Engineering
  • 1998/1999-Veneto Region Agritouristic Operators Certificate, Farmers Union, Padua
  • 1999-Recognition of Food Service by Padua Chamber of Commerce
  • 1999-Veneto Region Agritouristic Business Administration Certificate
  • 2000-Lombardy Mantova Agritourism, Animation, and Education Course Certificate
  • 2001-Fire Officer Course Certificate, Padua Fire Brigade
  • 2000/Present-Owner,Operator, and Teacher at Altaura and Monte Ceva Farms


  • 2000-GOLD MEDAL, Regional Institute of Venetian Villas
  • 2002-BUSINESS WOMAN AWARD, Padova Chamber of Commerce

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Maria Dalla Francesca

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