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"Il Filo d'Erba" Altaura e Monte Ceva - Padova - Veneto - Italia
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Monte Ceva Farm

Visit our farm in Monte Ceva, Battaglia Terme (PD) - Veneto

Monte CevaLocated within the Euganean Hills regional park, is comprised of approximately 50 hectares of forest with an ample expanse of natural reserve territory on Monte Ceva. Walking paths wind throughout the property, each of a differing distance and difficulty. Illustrated signage also dots these pathways to indicate various botanical species.
The three existing structures have all been recently restored. The heating and water for the three units are made possible with the help of a biomass boiler. This is an effective re-utilization of the by-products from the forest. The upper level of the roof-top walkway, instead of being walled-in, has been left open to allow smaller birds to find refuge there as well as build their nests.

Esterni dell'agriturismo Monte CevaThe torretta, a small bell tower (which has also been restored), serves as a favorable viewpoint for spotting wild animals. Bio-ecological architecture techniques have been used in the restoration of the structures such as the ventilated roofing and the natural lime based bio-plaster used. In the reading/meeting room, the plaster has been mixed with straw coming from the biological cultivation of the Monte Ceva property. There is also a herbarium at Monte Ceva, and it is housed in the gathering room on the second floor of the former hayloft.

L'erbario del Ceva Castanea sativaThe biodiversity of Monte Ceva has been recognized at the highest levels of the European scientific community. This herbarium has been the commissioned subject of study and categorization by Professor Noemi Tornadore of the Geobotanical Institute of Padova University. On the first floor of that same building there is ample space for laboratory study and experiments.
Guided walks can be conducted along the hilly paths to spot and identify the plentiful wildlife and geological characteristics of the area. If you’re lucky, you may even see one of the wild deer that live free on the property. These walks can also be wonderful opportunity to just enjoy the panoramic views for the peaks of the Euganean Hills.

Appartamento Nocciolo - Agriturismo Monte CevaThe ‘farmhouse’ or casa colonica, holds two apartments on the second floor: ‘Nocciolo’ and ‘Quercia’. Both apartments feature kitchen, fireplace, and private bathrooms as well as coming equipped with air conditioning and TV with DVD as well as VHS. On the first floor is a foyer, agritourism kitchen, and the dining room-complete with fireplace.

A stay at Cà Vecchia, Monte Ceva is particularly recommended for anyone who wishes to be immersed in the tranquil peacefulness of the forest that encircles it, or is interested in the opportunity to see the deer that often come to sip from the natural spouts running beside the buildings, and also for anyone intrigued at being a short distance from important historic and cultural centers of the region. And, situated favorably within a miniature forest valley, benefits from an idyllic and nearly constant temperate micro-climate.

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa

Map of Monte Ceva Farm in Battaglia Terme (PD)

Pianta della Fattoria Monte Ceva a Battaglia Terme (PD) Zona di mosaicoArea of mixed vegetation with Prickly Pear, barren grassland of Festuca valesiaca (Fescue) and Marruca (Jerusalem Thorn) shrubbery


Pseudomacchia mediterranea Pseudomacchia mediterranea.

Zona mosaicoArea of mixed vegetation with pseudogarrigue Cisto and Marruca (Jerusalem Thorn) shrubbery

Bosco di Robinia e SambucoElderflower and Locust tree Forest


Arbusteto termofiloThermophile shrubbery

Confini zona integraleIntegral Area Limit

Confine azienda Monte CevaLimits of Monte Ceva Farm

Strada di accesso all'AziendaFarm's Access Road

Trail 1 (Average Difficulty - 1hour)    Trail 1bis (1,5 hours    Trail 2 (1 hour)

Sentieri del Monte Ceva

Directions to Monte Ceva Farm | Main attractions in the area

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Galleria Fotografica - Altaura Emonte Ceva

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M.te Ceva Video

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